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I've left due to circumstances
A lonely kitten, lost in a world of strangers. Will you help me find a way out?
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Kim taehyung aka V here 

More like baehyung {-he gives a suggestive wink and smooch/}

I don’t have many friends sadly and was wondering if y’all could reblog this and spread that the punmaster has risen from the dead and y’all are in grave danger if you don’t spread it {-he laughs loudly at his own joke causing a few snorts to appear}

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i dont even know why i logged on

Possibly my last farewell

So hey guys, we’ve had some good memories haven’t we

thats why its been so hard for me to delete this blog

However, rping as neko-kevinwoo has effected me emotionally ooc

I’ve been happy on many occasions, but its also effected me in bad ways. 

Countless times I’ve cried to sleep

on small and big things

I’ve tried

I’ve tried so hard to make more friends, find someone to love, stop being so emotional over the stupidest shit.

But it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Thats mainly the reason why I’ve avoided rping and went on hiatus and I also don’t have as much time to get on either

I hope all of y’all will remember me as that bubbly hysterical Kevin that would always be by your side and be your great friend. Or maybe even more than just a friend (which is highly impossible)

I’ll miss you all and because I’m such a coward I won’t deactivate because the memories are too precious for me

but don’t expect me to get on afterwards


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